Friday, August 12, 2005

Classes start in two weeks. Less, in fact; in thirteen days.

In a week's time I will be somewhere in Indiana (or Ohio, if we're lucky, but let's not get hasty) as my mother and I drive the crapmobile from Large Midwestern City to Small But Charming Eastern College Town. At least we won't be driving with my father, whose primary purpose in life is Making Good Time. If he weren't afraid of getting picked up by the cops, I'm confident he'd drive 90 on the highway in the interest of making good time; as it is, he can only deny bathroom breaks and mutter curses at other drivers who fail to understand that one drives to get from point A to point B, not to enjoy scenery or music or company. If he could teleport he would.

It's interesting; as one drives from the Plains States out to the Eastern Seaboard, the names of the towns become classier in small but definite increments. From Kingdom City and Grain Valley, right outside my hometown (names that clearly state you include snake-handling in your religious ceremonies) to Worchester and Staffordshire (which are I-can-trace-my-heritage-back-to-the-Mayflower names); from red to blue, one might also say.

Anyhow, there are some things I'm looking forward to as I return to school: The late-night comraderie, the beautiful campus, the friends, the local Apple Festival and farmer's market... There are other parts of the experience that I'm approaching with trepidation, namely the fact that within a month's time I will be so busy that I'll have to schedule bathroom breaks, and the possibility that I'll start smoking again (I quit almost three months ago, and while the cravings have died down, I'd be lying if I said the desire for a smooth, refreshing cigarette never comes over me).
As for linkage,
Visit, a recent discovery that's sure to distract me from my organic chemistry periodically this semester(not that aldehyde synthesis isn't fun, but...)

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