Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ever wiped your nose with a kitten? Wanna try?

It's that weird time of morning when, if you don't have a class or an appointment, it feels strange to be in bed but also strange to be doing anything else. It's positively cool outside, and that combined with the advent of classes makes me feel like someone sneaked up behind Summer and knifed it in the back. It's gone. And yet, it's still August.

The end of the summer used to be so exciting; notebooks and crayons had to be purchased, as well as glue and markers and the protractor that you lost by the middle of October but never needed to use anyway. The smell of a fresh sheet of notebook paper or a brand new crayon takes me right back to elementary school. Now, the end of summer (or, in fact, the middle of July) means Back-to-School displays that make you feel that same flutter of excitement for a few moments. Then those butterflies are mercilessly crushed by your conscious brain's reminder that you. are. an. adult. Or at least a college student who has to shell out 300 dollars for books that the college won't be using anymore when you try to sell them back (Did I intend to keep Organic Laboratory Techniques, 3rd Edition for the rest of my life? No, no I did not).

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