Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fotographen! Photos! Pictures!
Shot with my lovely digital camera...happy birthday to me, indeed.
Ducks in a row, you say? Pas de tout. They couldn't be less organized if they tried, honking and squabbling over bits of bread. This is the edge of the pond at Loose Park, arguably the best park in Kansas City, and always full of people (even at night...hell, especially at night...although they tend to be more criminally and/or pot-smokingly minded than the people who take their children to play there during the day). When it's not 102 degrees outside, it's a great place to go running...there's a 1.5 mile loop around the whole park, and since everyone there is a Midwesterner, the other runners and walkers will wave or smile at you as you cruise by at your 10-K pace. We are an amiable people.

This is what I look like now. I think I look a little bit chunky-style in this picture, but what can one do? I'm looking (justifiably) pensive. That's Jon Stewart on TV in the background (God, I love that show) and there's some of my art hanging above the TV. And, yes, there's also a teddy bear and a matroishka doll. You wanna fight about it? It was my bedroom as a kid, and I haven't done much with it. What can I say, I'm here as rarely as humanly possible. Don't those tendrils look kind of Pre-Raphaelite? The one upside of this oppressive humidity. Awesome.

The innards of a rose. Not to gross anyone out, but it looks amazingly like a human organ...When I had my echocardiogram (which is what they do when you have and f-ed-up EKG...It's a picture of your heart, essentially, in real time; they use the same technology as they use to perform sonograms on pregnant women, only rather than looking at a little embryo in your uterus they look--obviously--in the cardiac region) I was amazed by the sight of my own beating heart. It looked embryonic, primordial...but at the same time, watching my valves rhythmically open and shut put me in mind of a flower blooming in the morning, then closing at dusk. Pretty sentimental, as medical procedures go, especially because I was convinced at the time that I was going to have a heart attack any second. I have the tiniest tendency to catastrophize.

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