Monday, July 31, 2006

Just five days until Ithaca! I can hardly believe the end of June I was completely stir-crazy and thought August would never come...and now here it is.
I wish I didn't wish my life away, didn't wish minutes or hours or days to go by...that I could live happily in the now. I suppose I can, but that I just don't. For instance: When I was in high school, I worked at a library, and when things were slow I would read; but for the most part I spent that time wishing it was either a) 5:00 (on weekends) or b) 9:00 (on weekdays). I didn't hate the way time dragged as much as I hated that I was wishing away chunks of my lifetime. Again with the mindful engagement in the present.

I've been taking practice MCATs and am averaging 11-ish on the science sections, which pisses me off, because it puts me at a 35 average in all. Plus the writing sample, which I'm not exactly sure what they do with. Just a 12...I just need a little push...just a little more...the last class of Harvard MDs accepted had an average between 11 and 12...Wash U was between 12 and 13...and I. want. this. so. much. Medicine, I mean. The chance to heal, to connect, to assist, to serve.

But enough about me. As I was working the treadmill at the Y today (not even I am crazy enough to go running outside when it's in the triple digits) I started thinking about what a motley crew my friends are. Again, for instance: I'm working on a novel right now--as yet untitled--and though it's a bit strange, I know that if I wrote many of my friends into it-- just as they are, with no embellishment-- editors would be making pointed jabs about realism and farce.

There's O, a bisexual Muslim who smokes and drinks (often toasting, "Because I'm such a good Muslim!" before doing shots) and is also a gourmet cook, but who doesn't eat pork; she is extremely well-read, most of it extra-canonical (ie, interesting). She owns one of the largest cats I have ever seen, and I love them both dearly.

There's B, a semi-Buddhist from the Pacific Northwest who's studying Organic chemistry with an eye to alternative fuel sources; he wears steel-toed workboots all the time which means he's very loud going up or down stairs--also, he stomps; he once hitchiked across Europe and Asia (and almost froze to death in Russia). He's also incredibly sweet, though while drunk he has been known to administer roundhouse kicks to the jaws of those who sneak up on him.

There's N, (another!) bisexual who's going to Yale Law and has the sharpest wit (next to me, anyway) the world has seen since Oscar Wilde. He also has a weakness for clubhopping, samosas, and expensive alcohol (which he sometimes uses to wash down his other favorite indulgence--Cool Ranch Doritos). Did I mention he grew up on a Midwestern cherry farm?

Enough. I'm off to hit the Biological Sciences section again, and to look up (for the second time) what the f*&$ a capacitor does.

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