Monday, July 03, 2006

So I saw a PETA ad in my Mother Jones magazine (shameless plugs for both...and yes, I know what a hippie I am) and got to thinking about beauty products...something that rarely crosses my mind. I am, after all, the same girl who wore Old Spice deodorant all through seventh grade (I still like how it smells. I keep some in the bathroom, and go in and sniff it occasionally). BUT.
The thought of eyeliner being dripped into the eyes of helpless little bunnies just so someone (note I am not making any judgements, or using the words "putting it on with a trowel" or "sorostitute") can have a dubiously enhanced face makes me cringe. So, to those who can't make it through the day without a little mascara...and for those who put it on for special occasions, like pride rallies or job interviews or church, here is a list of cruelty free companies. It's by no means exhaustive, but if you go to the PETA site or run a google search for "cruelty free beauty" you'll find many many more. I've focused mainly on the ones I've used, or have seen at my local cooperative market. (Hippie!) Also, this is where you discover that I am a veteran shampoo thief (just a palmful at a time).

Aubrey Organics (I knew a girl who used this, or at least had it in her shower. Never mind what I was doing in her shower. I used some, and it smelled good. The girl turned out to be a teensy bit neurotic...leaning towards psychotic...and that's why, although I'm sure it's a good product, I don't use it. That, and it's expensive as all hell. I guess that's because the wild jasmine flowers have to be hand-plucked by virgins at midnight during the full moon, or something).
Avalon Organics (What I use. The Henna shampoos and conditioners specifically. My freshman roommate had it, and I used so much of hers that I felt guilty and went out and bought her a new bottle. I don't know if she ever noticed. I didn't ask. Hi, Laura!)
Bath and Body Works. You know it, you love it. Have fun.
Burt's Bees: Please don't make me say that they're the bees' knees. But they are. And they make a lot more than lip balm now. Sometimes I think to myself, "I knew about Burt's Bees when all they sold was that weird little tin of lip balm," and it makes me feel all superior. Kind of like that annoying uncle you have who lived in England a long time ago and saw the Beatles when they were still playing in dirty little pubs in Liverpool. Yeah, like that.
Kiss My Face. The name has always seemed weird to me, like a combination seduction and demand. But it's organic, and cheap, and you don't have to venture into a patchouli-scented boutique to get it if you don't want to--they have it at CVS (though I for one have started to enjoy the smell of patchouli. Perhaps I have lived in Ithaca too long).
JASON organics. I've seen it, but never used it. There are umlauts scattered liberally over the vowels in the name, which prejudices me against it.

More to come, cats and kittens. That is, if anyone's reading this. And even if no one is, it keeps me off the streets. It's "therapeutic," as my psychiatrist would say, "a creative, constructive response to negative emotions."

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Jenni said...

It is beautiful to see that you are posting again! I pray for you always and I am glad that things seem (from your blog of course, I don't get to talk with you otherwise at this point- though that is good in a way since we have only talked in the hospital and I don't want either of us there) to be looking up for you. If you are ever in Kansas City, send me an email and we should get together. It sounds like you've had a rough go at things since Christmas and I would love to learn how you summonded the strength to rise above this deamon. God Bless, Jenni B