Thursday, August 03, 2006


A little more than 24 hours until my flight. I hate flying. I hate packing. Because I begin to pack and think, huh, I don't have that much stuff...and so I start putting little extras in (oh, I could use that candleholder...and that jacket will be nice once it's cooler...) and then before I leave I go to pick up my suitcase and it's definitely over the 50 pound weight limit and by then I've decided that the candleholder and jacket are necessities, and I don't want to have my mom ship them out to me, so the real decision is should I leave behind my yoga mat or some of my CDs, and how much exactly could I cram into my carry-on without having to worry about a) not being able to lift it into to the overhead compartment and b) throwing off the weight calculations for passengers and cargo? Also, I try to put heavier things into my smaller suitcase, reasoning that I can fit fewer of them, so I won't exceed the 50 pound-per-bag limit if I put all my books in the smaller case and my clothes and such in the other, but then my small suitcase nearly dislocates my shoulder when I try to pick it up and I realize that it's time for another exciting game of musical suitcases. If anyone has a foolproof, stressproof packing strategy, I'd like to hear it. As I sit and ponder this, it occurs to me that there might be a saner way:
1. Identify the items that I'll need immediately after I get there (MCAT study book, Orgo book, shorts and T-shirts, undies, toiletries, drugs, CDs), and put those in; other things can be shipped later.
2. Identify things that will be nice to have around once I arrive, but aren't indispensible or necessary to life (DVDs, more than a few pairs of socks, a swimsuit, vibrator...)
3. Last, if there's room, the extras...the candleholders, the jacket if possible...but if things are out of season or there's just no room, have them shipped instead.
Ha. I'm a genius. And I'm slightly--slightly--less insane than I was when I began to write.
Maybe it's the Ativan kicking in, or maybe it's just that it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm beginning--ever so slowly--to return to a regular sleep schedule.
Now if I could just find my digital camera and make sure I don't forget my MCAT admission ticket...

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Jenni said...

When you read this, I hope that you are in the peace of your room far far from Kansas. Congratulations to you as you look around knowing how hard you worked to get where you are right now.
Enjoy your freedom and I am praying for you as you await the MCAT. When is that date again?
Take care, and congrats!
Love Jenni