Monday, September 18, 2006

I think I did something to my foot. It hurts again, the same way it hurt when I had a stress fracture. What was I doing? Not running, although I did that today as well--no, I was dancing. I put on some elegant-yet-punchy music and was doing plies and grand jetes and pirouettes all over my room, but got a little excited and ended up crashing during one of my jumps, which seems like a very 13-year-old thing to do. I'm not sure how I'll explain it to my doctor.
"So you were...dancing?"
"Yeah, and I couldn't do the pirouettes right in bare feet, and I didn't have slippers with me, so I was dancing in my socks and I slipped."
"Damn, that was stupid."

But enough about that. I've also begun using a "mood tracker" on my psychiatrist's advice...a piece of paper on which I quantify the unquantifiable stuff of emotion. There are columns for anxiety, depression, elevated mood and obsession, all on a 1 to 10 scale; a place to write my caloric intake and the kind of exercise I did on a given day; and lastly, a space (the equivalent of perhaps half a college-ruled line) for "general comments." Half a line to describe the vicissitudes of mood, the swaths of emotion. It reminds me of a tour I recently took of Cornell's entomology collection--one of the largest in the world: you catch something, whether a glorious pale-green luna moth or an horrific stag beetle, and rather than watching it, or revering its beauty, you kill it with acetone and pin it in a box (complete with a number and a name).

But enough about that. Let's talk magazines--specifically, indie-ish magazines that I love and haven't mentioned or linked to already.

Bust magazine, at is what a feminist version of, say, Marie Claire would be. It's pretty fluffy, but sometimes that's what you want. It's a glossy magazine, too, with great photographic work. My favorite columns are News from a Broad and Eat Me (though One Handed Read is good too).

Though I'm not Jewish, I like a lot, too. It's "The New Jew Review," entertaining and thought-provoking at once. I study it so that I don't seem like too much of a goyische putz at Shabbat dinners.

Bitch Magazine is my favorite ever. "A Feminist Response to Pop Culture," it dissects everything from trans rights at the Michigan Women's Music Festival to the spate of weight-loss reality shows to Big Pharma's search for female Viagra. It's smart, readable and witty. Go to now!

More to come; and I'll finally get the pictures off my digital camera this week (God willing and the creek don't rise) so look forward to some eye candy!

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