Friday, October 20, 2006

Because we can't be serious all the time: a bunch of superfun linkage! All no doubt well known, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Dinosaur Comics!
Hear dinosaurs talk about determinism and the nature of consciousness while stomping on houses...

Cute Overload. Have you ever wanted to grind a puppy into powder and cook it so you could inject it directly into your veins? What about snorting a line of bunnies? That's what this site is like. Don't visit it if you'll be operating heavy machinery in the near future.

Something Awful. And by awful, I mean wonderful. Not for the faint of heart, but the Comedy Goldmine and Photoshop Phriday are worth the price of admission (which, by the way, is nothing).

Writhe and Shine. Goths at an industrial club in New Orleans, tryin' to scrape a living. Sort of sad, considering the setting of this comic is probably long gone, but dark humor, like dark coffee, is delicious.

Dip Me in Chocolate... the site for the serious chocolate conoissieur (did I spell that right? Damn French, using up all the vowels. That's why there are hardly any vowels in Serbia. Did you know that? It's because the French took them all.) If you know what 'single origin' chocolate is about, can talk about 'percentage of cocoa solids' and 'tempering' without feeling out of your depth, can name at least ten brands of chocolate, and think Hershey's has all the appeal of cat wharf, here you go... Or if you merely aspire to this level of refinement--not to say snobbery--with regards to your chocolate experience.

Now you know what I do with my time when I'm not writing German papers...or reading Faust...or reading kinship theory...or writing about the intersection of gender studies and hagiography...or doing yoga...or applying to medical schools...or agitating for sustainable food practices...or writing poems...or baking...or running.

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