Monday, October 16, 2006

I got my MCAT scores back! And I'm...very pleased. It would be lame to talk numbers, so I won't, but...yeah, it's all good. Thank Goddess, because I wouldn't have wanted to take them again.

So, the other day I was walking around campus and thinking, gee, it seems like there's a lot of free stuff available here. So I decided to devote part of today to searching out and acquiring free things (the part that I wasn't spending writing papers and preparing my German presentation--which reminds me. Oh God, the in-class presentation. I get so very nervous, especially when I'm giving a presentation in a language that is not English. It's not so much the linguistic difference as it is the fact that if I get tripped up, I have difficulty recovering--in any language. It's just that giving a presentation in a foreign language amps up the stress level, which makes it that much more likely that I'll forget "my lines." Oy.). At the end of the day, I had:

1. From Gannett: Free condoms, a lollipop, and a mass of pamphlets because I love pamphlets--ask my friends. I'm always bringing 'free materials' home. Coincidentally, two pamphlets tied for favorite: "What you should know about genital herpes" and "Getting what you want from sex." I also took two pens. I figure I spend enough time and money at Gannett that it's no particular crime if I take a pen home with me now and again.
2. From the atrium of Corson-Mudd Hall: Several Oreo cookies, a strange kind of chocolate/almond cookie I couldn't identify, a cup of coffee, and a tea bag for later. I don't feel bad about this, as I was a neurobio major for most of my Cornell career. Word to the wise: the bio folks, and the neurobio crew in particular, frequently have free food. And it's not crap food either--it's usually pretty good. Go to a presentation; get cookies afterwards. Go to a Friday colloquium, and behold: free pizza and beer. I'm telling you, it's worth your while to be interested in psychopharmacology and modeling neural networks. There's no reason to go hungry on campus, even if you don't have any money. With careful planning and an ear to the ground, you could eat your way from reception to reception or meeting to meeting (student groups often lure people with promises of pizza--generally legit).
3. From the dispensers on campus, in increasing order of quality: the Sun and The New York Times. I could have taken a USA Today but didn't. I would put it even below the Sun in terms of objective news coverage (for serious). Read them, then use them to light fires or make interesting papier-mache sculptures! It's fun for the whole family!
4. From the library: Bookmarks and an Organic Chemistry textbook (just kidding). Rented part of Monty Python's Flying Circus and "Tipping the Velvet," a strange English lesbian SM film. Free, free, free.

That's all for now, folks--the sleeping pill is finally kicking in! Hooray!

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Michael said...

Thanks for putting us above USA Today!