Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Quiz! That I made up! Whee!

Are you a dyke or a lesbian? Because believe me, girls, there's a difference. Full disclosure: I am emphatically a lesbian.

1. Your hair is...
a. hennaed and moisturized with organic conditioner
b. the lowest setting on the Wahl beard trimmer

2. Your shoes are
a. Birkenstocks some days, Manolos on others
b. Merrell hikers, with Vibram soles.

3. Your pets are:
a. Two cats, Dar and Prozac
b. a pitbull named Max

4. Your first crush was--
a. your high-school art teacher
b. Joan Jett

5. Your jewelry is:
a. dangly Indian earrings, chunky rings and bangles
b. an eyebrow ring, a leather bracelet, and some...ah...personal jewelry

6. Your first concert was
a. Dar Williams (or Janis Ian)
b. Bikini Kill (or Joan Jett)

7. Sex isn't worth it without
a. love
b. a harness and a few other toys.

Mostly A: You're a lesbian. Not necessarily 'femme,' but leaning that way; a little less raucous than a dyke. You know it if you are it. You like neck scarves and folk music, but you're also definitely up for a groping, earth-shattering girl-on-girl tryst in the ladies' room at the coffeehouse.

Mostly B: You're a dyke, from your hiking boots to your nose ring and tattoo. You've made love to the strains of Le Tigre more than once, and you never quite got over the crush you had on your high school gym teacher (her biceps were so...well defined). Mazel tov.

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