Monday, February 05, 2007

Some things I'm loving right now...

1. "Samson," a startlingly spare but beautiful song by Russian chanteuse Regina Spektor (doesn't that sound like a sentence out of a real music review?)

2. Rereading Dante's Inferno for my 'Bodies of the Middle Ages' class. Hell, I love it.

3. The fact that I've had a long streak of really good crashing and burning, just my body moving like a smooth, well-oiled machine.

4. xkcd, a webcomic that Keith introduced me to... (thanks, Keith!) Lots of inside math and science jokes, so go on...nerd it up.

5. Hand-made valentines. I'm sending them instead of Christmas cards, since there's so much more time in February than in December, and because it feels less awkward to tell people how much you love them on a day devoted to such emotions. *I love you!*

6. Loreena McKennitt's new CD, which I got as soon as it came out, and which I have been listening to on repeat ever since (except when I'm on the treadmill, and sometimes even then).

7. Kittens. Duh. Plug "cute overload" into a search engine. Or, alternately, go to I miss my animals.

8. My pal Mary Lou's British accent. Accents in general, except for--God help me--Chinese. Don't know why.

9. My new women's self defense class! Ithaca is basically run by old lesbians, and this class is no exception! Taught by a fiftyish lesbian with a fourth-degree blackbelt and an interest in womyn's spirituality (moral of the story is--don't piss this woman off). This class is going to be awesome. Unless she decides she doesn't like me, and breaks me. I feel like she could do it...maybe even accidentally, like sneezing. Hopefully she recognizes her own kind.

10. Frozen yogurt, which I ate accidentally this morning. Accidentally? How, you ask? I grabbed a yogurt for a quick breakfast this morning, and as I was eating it while walking to class (with the oh-so-balmy -18 windchill--yes, that's a negative sign) it up and FROZE. Moral of the story, part two: yogurt ought not be crunchy.

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One of my co-workers over the summer was what one might a "cat lady," and she introduced me to one of the oddest places on the Internet: