Friday, April 20, 2007

My "Between the Sheets" Mix

was created the night before last fall's formal dinner (a Telluride House tradition), in anticipation of having a certain lovely lady up to my room for further festivities. It's a strange mix of folk, electronica and "unclassified." For your future makeout benefit (and as an opportunity for me to air my vinyl-jockey side and get some cred for my indie tastes), here it is:
"All the Trees of The Field Will Clap their Hands" and "The Dress looks Nice on You" by Sufjan Stevens--soft and sad; sometimes a few tears make an already transporting experience even better.
"Ain't No Sunshine" and "I Shall Not Walk Alone" by Ben Harper (see above)

"Breathe Me" by Sia

"Sweetest Decline" by Beth Orton

"Joga" and "Bachelorette" by Bjork--a little transference; my first girlfriend gave me a copy of Homogenic for my sixteenth birthday, and I still can't listen to those songs without thinking of the taste of her lips.

"Shaking Paper" by Cat Power--I don't know what the hell these lyrics are about, but the music is great, and somehow "Good Woman" didn't seem appropriate.

"Breathe In" and "Let Go" by Frou Frou (Let go, just give in...'cause there's beauty in the there any better description of orgasm that you can think of?) and "In the Waiting Line" by Zero 7 (whose lead singer, by the way, is the same Sia of track number five on the list). Because Garden State was a good movie--oh, the days when Natalie Portman had long hair.

"At this point in my life" by Tracy Chapman: "Done so many things wrong...don't know if I can do right...Put your trust in me, swear I won't let you down..." It was this or Fast Car, and Fast Car doesn't convey quite the right message.

"Sodom South Georgia," "Evening on the Ground" and "My Lady's House" all by Iron and Wine.
So the next time you and your significant other are eyeing one another, skip the Barry Manilow and Beethoven. Put on something new and exciting. Really, anything goes--I know people who get off listening to the Ramones and Dead Kennedys, and other people who need to hear Sarah McLachlan's dulcet tones to get in the mood (yes, most of the latter are lesbians or gay of the few things that seems to bind us unlikely brothers and sisters).

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