Monday, April 16, 2007

Trying to maintain my delicate personal balance...

The more I read the newpapers the more I want to use them to start fires.
Bush is still pushing his "God's on our side" B.S., Hillary is in bed with Sam Brownback, the uber-conservative crazy from Kansas (he's like one of the children of the corn), the death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan keeps rising, and meanwhile, at home, there are still Katrina "refugees" scattered all over the country. Kids are still uninsured, literally dying for lack of adequate, affordable health care. IN AMERICA.
So, yo, religious folk: Jesus did not start any wars. He didn't give tax cuts to the rich. He was a victim of the death penalty (so I'm guessing he's not in favor of that, either). He instructed his disciples to go into their rooms and shut the door when they were ready to pray, not hold forth on theology from the Oval Office. What did he do?
He fed the hungry (an Aid for Needy Families supporter), healed the sick (Medicare and Medicaid, too, it seems), kicked the money changers out of the temple ( there any corruption in our government? Halliburton, much?), ate with tax collectors and sinners (not big on sanctimony) and spoke to the Samaritan woman (maybe he wouldn't be virulently anti-immigrant). Go back and read your Bible. I swear it's all there.

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