Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today is the day of delicious linkage. Feast upon these time-wasters and mind-expanders: it's a special webcomics edition!!! *If there are three exclamation points--and there are, for those of you playing the home game--you know it's gotta be good.*

XKCD, a webcomic (in the artist's own words) of "romance, sarcasm, math and language." I was introduced to this comic by my math/physics major friend Keith. Thanks, Keith! If you're the kind of person that gets the jokes in this comic, you'll feel simultaneously incredibly smart and incredibly geeky.

Dinosaur Comics--sometimes hilarious, sometimes pretentious, always postmodern. Plus, there are dinosaurs. Stepping on things. And doing a cost-benefit analysis of nihilism. Rooooar!

Perry Bible Fellowship--if you expect this comic to be in any way related to the scriptures of the Holy Universal Church, you will be sadly disappointed. But then you'll realize that these comics are amazing, and some of them are incredibly well-done (from an artistic as well as an intellectual standpoint) and you'll feel better.

Indexed, the work of the wonderful (I'm assuming based on her work, as I've never met her...sort of like I assume James Lileks is wonderful, or Jesus Christ for that matter) Jessica Hagy. I feel like her last name is sort of unfortunate, but I also have a best friend whose last name is Nagy...If it's Hungarian, then it's probably actually pronounced Hojj, not HAG-y. Moving on...

Dykes To Watch Out For by the (in)famous Alison Bechdel. Did you know that some of the first DTWOF books were published by Firebrand Books in Ithaca, New York? Well, you do now. Hilarious and sometimes poignant look at lesbian life--coupled and single, monogamous and not-so. I have to admit I liked the earlier incarnation of the DTWOF comics, when everyone was young and things were swingin'--but c'est la vie. Incidentally, I'm aware this is not exclusively a webcomic, but I don't--how do you say?--care.

Let the procrastination begin!

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