Monday, July 09, 2007

Cubicle walls are designed to make you feel as if you have your own office--that's the charitable explanation. Less charitable--that they function much as blinders do for horses, preventing you from seeing the outside world and pondering its beauty in a way that might detract from your productivity. Downright nasty--they are tiny cells. Not like cells for monks, conducive to meditation; no, the flickering fluorescent lights eliminate that interpretation (thank the Goddess I'm not epileptic...oh, wait, I am). Nein, they are like little plastic-and-upholstery, beige and grey solitary confinement chambers. But with wide open doors, so people can look into your cube and see what you're doing (like, say, blogging, or cleaning your ears).

I moved to a new 'space' on a new floor. Pros: better lighting. I am near an actual window. There are plants. I have corkboards in my new cube to which I may affix anything--anything!--I please (OK, maybe no small mammals, but you get the idea). My phone line actually works now. I have a mousepad that states boldly, "GP IIb-IIa inhibitors block the final common pathway to platelet aggregation," which I guess is I a good thing; the folks at Schering seem excited about it.

Cons: I am distanced from my new work friends, who work on the fifth floor, but I could go have lunch with them if I wanted. I am also distanced from the break room, and thus from coffee, pastries and the slightly grossitating condiment drawer, filled with ketchup and soy sauce and ranch dressing packets from lunches of yore. And that's pretty much it. Perhaps it's just as well I won't be tempted by the siren song of cheese danish after morning meetings.

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