Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's Neuter Michael Vick

So, Michael Vick (of the Atlanta Falcons) is alleged to have bred pitbulls for fighting, and he also killed some of his dogs by gunshot, electrocution, drowning and other nasty means that sound more appropriate for a 3rd world dictatorship ( Alleged...don't you love legal language? Innocent until proven guilty, even if you're found standing next to a corpse with a gun in your hand and blood on your shirt. Don't get me wrong, the Bill of Rights rocks the casbah--hear that, Bush? The Bill of Rights is not negotiable--and of course I believe Vick deserves a fair trial...I just think he's guilty as hell). Who's the real animal, I ask you? Dude just entered a 'not guilty plea' in Virginia yesterday, and he potentially faces six years in prison...which sounds extremely appropriate to me. More, perhaps.

He's been told not to bother coming to the Falcons' training camp this summer, but he's still being paid. A man who tortured and killed innocent animals for his own sick enjoyment is still being paid millions by the NFL for, essentially, taking a vacation. I call bullshit on you, NFL. So does can sign a petition to get Vick suspended without pay here.

You can buy a T-shirt with the message "Neuter Vick" here.

Now, I'm about to step into some potentially dangerous waters here, but a lot of people are saying that the only reason the public/judicial system is treating Vick's behavior as criminal is that he's a black man. If this were one of the Manning brothers, for instance (FYI: I literally know less about the NFL than I know about the Chinese language, which is also very little and limited primarily to restaurant items and the words for flower, sister, love and woman, so I had to look up the names of some white football players on the Interwebs to come up with those names), these people allege, (that word again) would people care? I think least, I would. Animal cruelty is a truly despicable crime; you can tell a great deal about a person from the way that they treat those who are powerless--children, animals, the elderly, the mentally handicapped. Also, by the way, cruelty to animals is one of the signs of a psychopath (granted, this sign usually emerges in childhood or adolescence, and is combined with bedwetting and firestarting to round out what's called the "MacDonald triad." it if you don't believe me). I guess what I'm trying to say is...when someone abuses another living creature, the only color I see is red.


Anonymous said...

It really is despicable. And it's a larger metaphor for the despicable nature with which we treat all animals in this society:

Crabbie (aka Deb) said...

I agree with you post. What's been a surpise is how prevalent dog fighting is in the US. I had no idea! Disturbing for sure and so cruel.