Thursday, July 26, 2007

What the hell are the Republicans doing? Click here to see...

So, the GOP has decided that it's worth denying poor children healthcare in order to symbolically moon the Democrats. The problem is, they're also telling thousands of uninsured kids to kiss their asses. "If those kids want health insurance, why don't they go out and get jobs? Seriously. Doesn't everyone get free top-of-the-line healthcare like families of the House and Senate do? Oh, wait..."

As Tom Tomorrow's Sparky the Penguin would say, "Wankers."

It's interesting that we're paying to set up quality public schools (free of religious influence) and universal healthcare in IRAQ--but not here. Because that would be socialized medicine and devil-worship just like those Canadians, and then we'd have to put a beaver on our quarters instead of an eagle and replace the other eagle on the President's seal with a moose, and we're Americans, dammit. We hunt beaver and moose (but not eagles, because they're endangered, and anyway moose is much more delicious. Have you ever had moose? *shudder of delight*). We don't put them on flags and such.
Seriously though, I don't eat meat. I have no idea what moose would taste like. Probably like beef, only...moosier.

Waiting for the caffeine to kick in...still feeling a little dreamy and delirious...

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Crabbie (aka Deb) said...

LOL! Very funny post! I wonder why anyone who isn't wealthy votes for Republicans? They vote against raising the minimum wage, providing healthcare to poor children, etc., while they happily send trillions to Iraq. Have you noticed all of the brilliant new structures in Iraq? They need to be voted out of office, and this time completely!