Monday, August 27, 2007

All my medical school apps are in! Can I get an amen? I SAID, can I get an AMEN?

Little did I know last year, if you don't have them in by mid-September, you're about as well off putting them in the garbage disposal as in the mailbox. Live and learn. I swear, one day I'm going to write a book of all the things that are unspoken, but that are rules nonetheless: the things that aren't written down anywhere, but that are essential to getting along as an adult human being. I can't think of many off the top of my head, but you know what I mean.
Don't pay for large purchases in loose change.
You can powerwalk around the mall, especially if you're elderly, but don't run around the mall. Even if you think you're faster than the security guards (which you probably are).
People who suffer from what is medically known as dwarfism generally prefer to be called 'little people.' Which I think is nice.

Oh, speaking of things worth knowing, I got onto the New England Journal of Medicine website today and looked at their "Clinical Images" section, which is full of amazing pictures. One was of an 'incisional hernia,' in this case a woman who'd had a C-section for a previous delivery then got pregnant again very soon thereafter. In essence, her uterus was bulging through her abdominal wall where the surgeons had cut through the musculature. Another image showed a man who had visited his family back in Africa, then returned to the States; while driving one day he saw something "wiggling" in his field of vision. When he went to an opthalmologist, the doctor saw a tiny parasitic worm wriggling around beneath the conjunctiva (one of the eye's protective membranes). He pulled it out, and the guy was fine. The worm, fortunately or unfortunately, was not fine.
I'm not certain if that portion of the website requires a subscription or not, but you should go to and look at it.

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Anonymous said...

Yippee to the applications. And best of luck. Yucky to the images. Some things I don't need to know.
Aunt Susie