Thursday, August 02, 2007

OK, so the whole "Twixter" thing is an old issue (this is a January 2005 Time cover) usual, I'm a little slow on cultural references that emerged between 2003 and 2007, on account of all my book-learnin' what I was gettin' back then. Anyway. Apparently this isn't a solely US-based phenomenon. In Japan they have "freeters" who work low-paying jobs and mooch off their parents and hikikomori who work no jobs at all. Italy has a similar crush of "adult children" (a phrase that really sums up the whole problem) who won't move on with their lives. Lest you think I'm lambasting the twentysomethings, though, allow me to register my dismay with the 'real' adults.
Things being what they are--stagnant wages; long, soul-crushing hours on the job; the implicit assumption that who you are is defined primarily by your job title (What's the first question you ask someone when you're introduced? That's right, "What do you do?" Not "How do you do" or even the amusing "Whom do you do," which might prevent some misunderstandings when it comes to dating)--why the hell would anyone want to grow up? In a society that glorifies a youthful body and lifestyle, with an attendant youthful lack of responsibility, as the pinnacle of happiness...why are we nailing people for not falling in line?

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