Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Calcium has been proven at least as effective as Serafem (ie, repackaged, once-again-under-license Prozac) in treating symptoms of PMDD--premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMS as it was called before Eli Lilly realized that there was money to be made if only a new name could be invented to make all this sound more terrifying and unmanageable. Yes, PMS can be a bitch. I, for one, when 'the Communists have landed' (that's my favorite menstrual euphemism EVER) sometimes feel like offing myself, toppling governments, crying in the fetal position until I die, etc. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. And then the floodgates open, as it were, and there's another theme park of fun symptoms: blinding migraines, cramps that only Vicodin has ever been able to touch (as I learned after taking one of the few I saved from having my wisdom teeth extracted), vomiting...good times. So, yes, it sucks sometimes. But medicalizing it and making ordinary women's cycles their doctors' business instead of their own? I call BS. I'm not talking about endometriosis, or pelvic inflammatory disease, or anything like that...just good ol' fashioned uterine goings-on...once upon a time (like, waaaay back, like Neolithic times), women's bodies were something women dealt with. Midwives. Herbs (yes, including THAT herb...cannabis is supposedly very good for cramps. I wouldn't know, what with the meds I'm on, but my friend A swears by a small joint and big glass of wine). Abdominal massage. Going out to the menstrual hut with all your other women friends and chiiiilling for a few days. I used to think of menstrual huts as symbolic of feminine oppression, evidence that women were devalued and trampled underfoot in such societies. Now I think, damn, wouldn't it be awesome to have a little hut in the woods, get six or eight of my best girlfriends, and spend a week together every month? Cooking for each other, having wine (and other things?), talking until late, knitting or painting or doing whatever creativish things we felt like...away from men, and jobs, and bullshit. Yay. Sorry, tangent...calcium. Yes.
So, I've been having some GI problems of a personal nature, and one thing calcium is known for is exacerbating this particular problem. So--do I want to resolve this problem, or do I want to potentially allay my PMS? What do I do?

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