Friday, September 21, 2007

Further true stories from Hospital X.

Yesterday I was walking down the hall to the cafeteria, to hook myself up with the excellent salad bar (now 98% e. coli free!). Right ahead of me was a guy wearing a full EEG (electroencephalogram) setup under his baseball cap--all these electrodes and wires flowing down his back, like some sort of robo-hair-extensions. I guess he needed to pee or was really jonesing for a snack or something, so they just unhooked him from the machine and sent him to the john. It reminded me of when I had my EEGs--having what felt like gritty K-Y jelly smeared in my hair, and being left to fall asleep in a cold room, in the equivalent of a dentist's chair, with a crappy thin blanket. I'm really not eager to do that ever again. Perhaps EEG guy just told them he needed to pee and was in fact making a break for it. In which case, hey, good for him.

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