Sunday, September 16, 2007

So my run went really, really well. I didn't make my goal time--I actually came in at 32:01--but that means I still maintained an 8 min/mile pace on an essentially cross-country run, with lots of hairpin turns, etc. If it were a straight shot, or a track race, I might have done better; that's basically the excuse I'm trying to make here. And at nearly a pack a day, it wasn't shabby at all.

So, now that I've gotten a taste of delicious, delicious racing, the headlong rush into marathon training begins. I'm planning to do the Olathe Marathon, which is at the end of March. And since training will mean at least a few 20+ mile runs, I need to have a good playlist to carry me through. When I'm really going balls-out, I like to have pretty hardcore music at my disposal; thrash, metal, punk, alternative-type stuff. Here's what I've come up with so far, playlist-wise; anyone with suggestions, make 'em. And yes, I realize that I need to quit smoking sometime in the very near future if I'm going to make a marathon happen.

Killing In the Name; Testify--Rage Against the Machine
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart--Stone Temple Pilots
Smells Like Teen Spirit; You Know You're Right--Nirvana
Everything Zen; Body; Monkey--Bush
Rebel Girl--Bikini Kill
Die Die Die my Darling--Misfits
Anarchy in the UK--Sex Pistols
Firestarter; Breathe--Prodigy
Down With the Sickness--Disturbed
Living Dead Girl; Dragula--Rob Zombie
Black and White; Bled for Days; Destroyer--Static-X
Party Up--DMX
Better Version of Me; Criminal; Limp--Fiona Apple
TKO; FYR; Fake French--Le Tigre
Spiderwebs; Happy Now--No Doubt
Happy and Bleeding; Meet Ze Monsta--PJ Harvey
Head Like a Hole--NIN

Not all the music I listen to is like this, obviously; this in fact represents one of the extremes of my taste--the very loudest, thrashiest and angriest. I also have every Loreena McKennitt and Dar Williams album that has ever been made, have great love for Gustav Holst's "The Planets" and listen to Gregorian Chant before bed every night to help me get to sleep. It's just that sometimes you need your music to rock you to sleep, and other times you need it to kick you up that last long hill.

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