Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's a horrible cheer!

Give me bilaterally reduced breath sounds! Give me persistent cough with green sputum! Give me pleuritic pain of two days' duration! Give me decreased blood oxygen saturation and fever! What does that spell? Pneumonia! Yaaaaay! I mean, hrgh-haaaaakkk-hrrrrrrghh!

The day at work passed relatively quickly, if only because I was fever-high enough to stare at the computer screen for minutes at a time before realizing that I was supposed to be looking up patients' information, or that the facesheets I'd been waiting to get from the printer had long since emerged from the machine's maw, and were now sitting--cold and desolate--in the out-tray.

So how does a healthy 22-year old woman get pneumonia? Short answer--she doesn't. It's immunocompromised people--whether because of extreme age/youth, chronic illness, or, hmmm, OVERTRAINING--who have problems with it. So what am I gonna do? Gonna take me my Zithromax and steroids, take a toot of that albuterol, grab some chik'n noodle soup and an Eddie Izzard DVD, and lay my ass down. On second though, screw the soup and the DVD. I feel like I may actually be dying (that or the room suddenly tilted by 90 degrees, which is pretty cool considering nothing's fallen off my bookshelf). I think I'll just go to bed.

So what was I for Halloween? A bioweapon. I licked your toothbrush last night after you went to sleep.

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anonymoustherapist said...

Ah, pneumonia! I got pneumonia once from some dude at work. That was pretty bad, but the worst day ever was when I woke up to a phone message from Infectious Disease telling me

"Just come in and talk to us."

That will get your heart rate up in the morning.

The point I'm trying to make here is, your blog is awesome and your toothbrush-licking efforts may not pay off in my house owing to prolonged overexposure to the severely infected.