Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I hate those motivational posters. "Successories" is one of the companies that sells them. Even the name 'successories' pisses me off, to be frank. I had to go see someone in HR at work yesterday, and the woman I spoke with (the very person who interviewed me for the position I currently occupy, in fact) had a framed motivational print in her office--'ambition' or 'committment' or something similar. Now, our entire HR office moved several blocks down the street from the main hospital in August. This leads me to believe that everything in her office was intentional--carefully selected. She didn't accidentally end up with this thing; she didn't inherit an office that had it bolted to the wall. It was on purpose. To which I can only respond: take this.

That's right, it's, home of the "demotivators" calendar. Go, and see, and laugh with fiendish glee.

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The Anonymous Therapist said...

I absolutely love Despair. I have two of their Pessimist's Mugs and a couple of the desktoppers. They're great because at first, people seem confused by them, and then the realization sinks in. I can't wait until I manage to get into RT management, because those bad boys are going everywhere.