Saturday, November 03, 2007

Today, fresh-baked POEMS.

Naked and Terrified

You are asking me to go
into the world
naked and terrified,
a Godiva without
so much as a horse.
And so I am valiantly
peeling off
as much of my dead
skin as I can manage,
thick translucent sheets
the color of granite,
cring out every so often
as burn victims do
when charred tissue
is scraped off
(and the pink below
is exposed
to the rush of

Nothing to Fear (after Hafiz)

There is nothing to fear,
and there never has been.
You have always been wrapped
in a mantel of light,
despite your best
misguided efforts
to tear it away from your body.
It's true,
you have fallen,
but always into
the hands
of Love.

Prince of the Air (EMS)

Both his hips were broken
in the fall--
or rather, I should say,
his pelvis shattered
upon impact, as did everything else--
Conclusion of a multi-storied trip
between the kingdoms
of the sky and ground.
Bystanders said he stood
up on the ledge
for twenty minutes,
never looking down,
before he dove, and was a Prince of Air
for two full seconds, constellation dark
against the seeting swarm of stars above.

His limbs, spread at odd angles, must remain
as such until the coroner arrives,
proclaims him dead, stamps him a suicide,
so we can load him in the ambulance
and drive him, sirens silent, to the morgue,
this one past saving:
the one that flew away.

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