Friday, December 21, 2007

Hope I die 'fore I get old--some song

I just saw an ad for the new Jack Nicholson/ Morgan Freeman flick "Bucket List," where two guys have the chance to do all the things they want to do before they die. And it got me to thinking...what things do I want to do before I die?

1. See open-heart surgery
2. Make love to a beautiful woman in a beautiful place (Angelina Jolie? In St. Patrick's Cathedral?)
3. See Paris, Berlin and London (ooh, and China too)
4. Have a book published (not just in a compilation/anthology)
5. Perform one of my songs in public
6. Save a life
7. Give birth
8. Go parasailing
9. Fire a gun
10. Sleep in a treehouse

What do other people want to do? Shit, what do other people's lists look like? This isn't a top ten or anything, just 10 random things from a list a bazillion miles long. Also included: getting an MD, falling asleep in someone's arms during a thunderstorm, going to Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, finding a long-term partner, learning how to make angel food cake, knitting an entire sweater, running a marathon, finishing a triathlon, climbing a mountain...and the list goes on. Sorry this isn't interesting, but I swear this introspective mood will pass (how long does it take a twentysomething woman with an attention span X and a need, Y, to be adored for her wit and intelligence, to stop writing about her goals and dreams and start trying to amuse other people with interesting anecdotes and jokes about other less personal things? Solve for Z in terms of years of crushing loneliness).

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Anonymous said...

hi... i saw this through a google search somehow... ive really enjoyed reading your posts. they were very well written.
let me give you a tiny bit of info.
im 14, i live in canada. thats all.
1. find the perfect hairstyle.
2. save my dear friends life.
3. hold the hand of my partner
4. as we jump off a bridge, hoping the chord doesnt snap.
5. feel talented.
6. convince my mom shes beautiful
7. convince myself the same thing.
8. be famous for something. something inspiring.
9. learn to dance
10. live long enough to see to it that my moms ashes are scattered on her old schoolyard, and my dads are sent up in a firework.