Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tigers and Benazir Bhutto

I hate to say it...believe me, I really hate to say it...but surely everyone saw Bhutto's assassination coming from a mile away. Musharraf's people did it, whether he personally ordered it or not. There.
When she went back to Pakistan this fall, she must have known that she was coming back to die. Frankly I thought it was going to happen while she was under 'house arrest' at the beginning of November, but of course I hoped it wouldn't. I won't indulge in the posthumous deification/ vilification you usually see in political figures. She wasn't a saint, she wasn't a villianess. She was a very rich and privileged woman in a very poor country (she earned her degrees from Harvard and Oxford respectively), true, but couldn't the same be said for our own nation's leaders? She and her family suffered a great deal at the hands of the opposition party, but does suffering alone justify admiration?
She was the first woman to serve as prime minister of a Muslim country, and for that she deserves a place in the record books, and our admiration. Radiya 'Llahu'anha.

Second, apparently a tiger at a San Francisco zoo attacked three people, killing one and injuring two others. No one's sure how the tiger got out of its enclosure, but there's been speculation that someone taunted it into jumping and/or let it out of its holding area. The father of the man who was killed was on Fox News (again, it was on at the gym, and I wasn't going to get off the treadmill just because there was stupid sh*t on the TV) and he said, quote, "I don't care what happens, they could be throwing rocks at the tiger or whatever, the tiger shouldn't escape." Well, yeah. about not f'ing throwing rocks at the animals? How about if you do things like that you deserve to get your ass eaten? Not that I'm justifying people-eating (I don't want to send that kind of pro-violence message to the young tigers of America) but hell! Power to the tigers. NB: at the end of the story, the reporter added that there would now be a CCTV camera installed at many of the animal enclosures. Maybe they'll catch those pickpocket lemurs into the bargain.

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