Monday, January 07, 2008

I done been robbed

I'm in a...quizzical mood, I guess you could say. I sent an article in to a particular third-wave feminist political magazine that I read every chance I get. I wait to hear whether I've been accepted or rejected; whether they'd like to hear from me again or if they'd prefer I never darkened their mailbox in the future. I lose a month's worth of email while I'm taking a little sabbatical, and assume that my acceptance (or, more likely and sadly, rejection) is in that inbox, which I can no longer access. So I check online and discover--lo and behold!--an article on the very subject I submitted has been published in this quarter's issue! Hot damn!

I go to my local bookstore, pick up a copy of said magazine, and see...that someone has written a piece on the exact same thing (Yes, sisterhood is powerful...solidarity...stupid ho). Does the fact that I'm bitching about this make me a writer? That's what writers do, no? Bitch and moan about other writers? I'm not really that upset, it just seems weird and funny. It took me a long-ass time to come up with that particular topic, and I didn't think anyone else would have considered writing about it. I figured that even if the editors didn't like the piece for a short front-matter type work, they might write back and ask me to expand on it for a feature. But no. Someone already wrote a feature on it. Skank.

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