Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's cold as balls today. Abominable snowman balls. -3 F. The wind chill is -16. Which means it's colder here than it is in Ithaca. It's Minnesota's fault, you realize that. All this cold air is just slipping past the US-Canadian border at Minnesota and making its way down here like a frigid immigrant out for all our noses/fingers/jobs (just kidding...seriously).

My new office is nice, though my desk is smaller and I don't have a cubicle (the absence of a cubicle could be seen as a pro or a con, I suppose). The other people in the office are only here a few days a week, which means I have a private office most of the time--this represents a definite step up in the heirarchy of peons.

I can't believe it's Thursday already--this week has flown by. Monday, of course, I was at home (I was kind of sick, not terribly ill, but sick enough that when I remembered that it was also MLK day I decided,"screw it, in Dr. King's memory I'm going to stay home in bed." And it was good). It seems that the key to making time on the job pass quickly is to stay occupied--not spend a lot of time at loose ends, not spend a whole lot of time trying to determine which project to tackle next. That's the problem--I'm not lazy or unmotivated, and in fact could be described as something of a 'go-getter'--but sometimes I have a hard time deciding where in particular to direct my superhuman task-accomplishing abilities. [flex] I know I should prioritize according to urgency and importance, like they taught us in the time management seminar (Oh. My. God. I could get a tape of that seminar and I'd never need to use my Ambien again! And I bet the tape wouldn't have side-effect risks like "eating, driving or having sex in your sleep," which I swear to Goddess is what I heard on an Ambien ad recently. Would you rather die because you were eating grilled cheese and screwing while driving down the highway--in your SLEEP--or deal with some situational insomnia? Now that I think of it, the grilled-cheese sex cruise wouldn't be a bad way to go). End parenthesis. Remember what we were talking about? That's right--urgency and importance. Urgent=needs doing now. Important=may not need doing this second, but really needs to be done. So for example, a romp in the broom closet with the woman in the next cubicle may be urgent, but it's not important (unless she's your partner, and one of your shared lifetime goals is to do it in a broom closet). TPS reports? Neither urgent nor important. Paying the electric bill the day before it's due? In my neighborhood, both urgent and important, unless you relish the idea of playing your own private version of Survivor: There are Crackheads Outside and the Alarm System is Electric, Damn. Mostly I do whatever the first thing to fall to hand is. Urgent things, important things, and then once those are done, little piddly things that have no real bearing on...anything.

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