Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Alphabet Game!

Because I'm bored, and because this is something I do to pass the time when I'm bored, and because I need a blog entry so y'all don't get up en masse and stop reading (abandonment/ rejection issues? Where?). Surely you played this game as a kid...if only as an icebreaker at some day camp your mom made you go to, or during indoor recess if you went to a school so po' they couldn't even afford board games (except for the lame ones like "Number Invaders" or "Journey to Grammarland"...though your fifth-grade teacher did try to teach you all how to play five-card stud, before that time he won all of Joey Corbin's lunch money and wouldn't give it back, and got fired for coming to school smelling like a fifth of Wild Turkey). Or maybe that was just my school.

Anyhow, I always try to tell people who ask me, "What kind of music do you like?" that my tastes are wildly eclectic (yes, I really do say things like "wildly eclectic" in conversations...during a luncheon at a med school interview day I told one of the other interviewees, "Just go in there and wow them with your scintillating personality." "Scintillating personality?" he said. Dick), but then invariably I can only think of musicians in one category, and I come off looking like an idiot trying not to look like an idiot, which is the worst kind. So here goes...the ABCs of Anne's music collection. I'm going to use first or last names for the initial letters as suits me, 'k? K.

Alanis Morissette (chick rock); Alison Krauss and Union Station (country/bluegrass)

Bush (heavy 90s rock); Belle and Sebastian (before they were cool)

the Chieftains (folk/ Irish); Chantal Kreviazuk (fragile and angry and damaged)

Dar Williams (folk--girl n' guitar); Dolly Parton (and the...twins)

Emmylou Harris (country); Elliott, Missy (Me, I'm Supafly...)

Fiona Apple (the. best. ever.); Flogging Molly (has gotten me through hundreds of long runs)

Gaelic Storm (folk/Irish); Garbage (I think Shirley Manson's Scottish...)

Hill, Lauryn (R&B / hip-hop)

Indigo Girls (I know it's lesbo music. Shaddup.); Incubus

Jethro Tull (a rock band with a flute player!)

the Killers

Le Tigre (feminist eclecticism)

Moby (techno trance-y whatever)

Nirvana, Nellie McKay (awesome, awesome girl--look up the lyrics to "The Big One")

Orgy (aggressive techno rock); Orton, Beth

Pearl Jam (Grunge...anyone seeing a 90s theme?)

Queen (but only Bohemian Rhapsody; yeah, I'm a poser)

Rasputina (scary Victorian cellos); Rammstein (scary German fellows)

Sleater-Kinney (angry girls from 90s Seattle); Spektor, Regina (my favorite Soviette!)

Tool (metal forever)

Underground, Velvet (it is NOT cheating!)

Violent Femmes

Welch, Gillian (country/ folk)


Yeah yeah yeahs; Yo-yo Ma


Anyone know of X and Z bands? I honestly don't think I listen to any X or Z bands...


Anonymous said...

Z: Zsuzsanna Varkonyi? Zero Seven? Zweiraumwohnung (cheating a bit for 2raumwohnung)?

sarah said...

check out Xiu Xiu and Zykos. pretty good stuff. Also you could use The Unicorns for a non-cheating U :) they're good for running too.

Kelsey said...

Xavier Nadoo (sensual german r&b... like antony and the johnsons)