Friday, February 22, 2008

Beth Ditto is so my new hero. She doesn't apologize for her size, her voice will rock your face off (seriously, if you're planning to listen to her band, please make a preemptive appointment with a plastic surgeon to have your visage reattached), and for God's sake her name is "Beth Ditto."

I've loved her band The Gossip for years now, but I listened to their song "Fire Sign" for the first time in...a while...this morning, and what started out as an "I can't sleep, might as well drag my ass in to work two hours early" day became suddenly...bouncier.

Now Baby she can't help it / but baby she don't feel smart/ now baby you can't help it/ 'cause growing up is the hardest part / but it ain't your fault...

Now Baby what are you thinking/ baby when will you learn?

OK, so they're not the most inspired lyrics, but as with almost every work of art it has to be taken as a whole, a gestalt if you will...words and music. Youtube the song. I'll wait. *checks nails, balances checkbook, sighs impatiently* See? Aren't you glad you looked?

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