Monday, March 31, 2008

72% Geek 72%

I knew it. I'm a geek. I spend more time on my blog/ reading/ programming than I do at bars. I can tell you why Open Office is better. I am apparently one of the last living English speakers who knows how to use an apostrophe correctly. I can tell you why "e" beats the hell out of "pi," even though they're both transcendental numbers. I think the fact that I have an opinion on the e vs. pi issue probably tells you enough about my level of geekitude.
I went to the state spelling bee and state geography bee (damn you, "indefatigable"! A pox on your house, Turkmenistan! I could've gone to D.C.!). I took a class on the novels of Franz Kafka (in the original German, no less) for fun. I knit. I read graphic fiction--they're not comic books, dammit--and I especially like Harvey Pekar, Adrian Tomine and Neil Gaiman. I'm a music dork, too, and a science geek for all seasons. Ask my college roommate--I have a stuffed plush model of the Ebola virus, complete with little googly button eyes, and a life-sized model of the human liver.
I know the corpus callosum from the corpus cavernosum (which is a good thing, considering what I hope to do someday). I've read all the Harry Potter books at least 3 times. I would rather be shot in the stomach at close range with an M-16 than wear those ridiculous pointy-toed stilettos that seem to be in fashion lately. I get my news from the BBC, because I take my news seriously. I know my homo history, and I can tell you when, why and how Stonewall happened; I say "I'm a feminist" sort of like I might say, "I'm a bipedal carbon-based life form--duh", and I can think of very little that would make me geek out as much as the opportunity to meet 1. Gloria Steinem, 2. Alice Walker or 3. Audre Lorde (oh, wait...not so much a possibility). The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. Preach it, girlfriend!

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