Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun Games To Play When You're Po' (I couldn't afford to put the 'or' on the end)

Poverty doesn't have to be soul-crushing. To quote my father, "Girl, we were too poor to pay attention, but we knew how to have fun."

1. Guess Those Leftovers
Use last night's dinner leavings to create tonight's masterpiece; let everyone else in the house guess what went into it. The person who gets it right (or comes closest) gets first stab at the chocolate chip-meatloaf torte.

2. Bills, Bills, Bills
See how long you can juggle your various bills without a) paying them or b)taking a blow to your credit score. Actually, pay 'em if you can, but you know you can't. Postdate that check. Promise the hot-sounding East Indian collections agency dude some phone action that'll make his spicy chicken tikka look as bland as unsalted grits. You do what you've gotta do.

3. Playing Doctor
No, not the fun kind of playing doctor. When you realize that your insurance deductible is more than you make in a month, have fun playing doctor and treating your own maladies. Do the same for your uninsured/underinsured 20something friends. Broken arm? Rig up a splint with a piece of plywood and some duct tape! You've eaten nothing but Ramen for six months and now you're having neurological problems along with bleeding gums? Hit the library or webmd and figure out what nutritional deficiency you're suffering from! Scurvy and beriberi may be a drag, but learning is always fun!

Can you tell that doing my taxes has put me in a bad mood, moneywise?

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