Friday, March 14, 2008

I want candy...

No, not really, I hardly ever eat the stuff (I prefer salty to sweet, despite my recent foray into pastry-making...salt is significantly less caloric than sugar as well, not that I as a 21st century American woman surrounded by more sizeist and sexist bullshit than you could shake a stick at, told each and every day that my intrinsic worth as a person is intimately related to my dress size/bra size/waist circumference care about such, no, just making an observation) but I saw some interesting candy online and had to bring it to someone's attention because it was just so...disturbing. It was all right at first. Started with absinthe lollipops. That's all right, then. Just advocating and lionizing a very high-proof, hallucinogenic and possibly poisonous drink popular with Victorian homos (see: Oscar Wilde). Then they started making bacon lollipops. And it was too much.

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