Thursday, March 27, 2008


I made a lot of recruiting phone calls today--basically cold calls, trying to get qualified participants to take part in our study. Of course, I call from work, which means--you guessed it--a lot of the people I call are also at work. So I leave a lot of messages. I have the message all worked out, too, and after I've left five or six in a row it starts to sound weird even to me, and it gets boring, and I want to change the inflection of my voice to spice it up a little but then it sounds even weirder:

"This is a message for Ann Coulter. My name is Anne and I'm with Blahdiblah Consultants at Saint Holycrapitsamiracle Hospital. We're doing a clinical research study with the echo research department, and you qualify to participate. If you're interested in taking part or you'd like more information, you can give me a call at 123-456-7890. There is compensation for your time and effort, and we'd really appreciate it."

I want to start throwing in ad libs to make it interesting. Like, hm...
"My name is Shawanda, and I'm with Blahdiblah Consultants..."
"If you're interested in taking part, or if you'd ever like to see your child alive again, you can give me a call..."
"We're doing a clinical research trial, and you don't qualify to participate, but I thought I'd call just to say hi."
"There is compensation for your time and effort, and we'd really appreciate it, especially me, because the more people say yes, the less time I have to spend reciting this Great American Novel into answering machines."

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sej_50 said...

i believe if you had spiced it up as shown, maybe i wouldn't have forgotten to call the people back because i would be hoping everyone made fun threats. maybe not-i forget things a lot. but threats and white girls with the name shwanda still make me smile :)