Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Alphabet Game Redux
This time, it's authors I like...but not poets. That will be some other time. And again with the missing X and Z!

Ackerman, Diane (A Natural History of the Senses, Deep Play); Allison, Dorothy
Borghes, Luis (Stories); Beuse, Stefan (Die Nacht Der Konige)
Chabon, Michael (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay)
Dahl, Roald (Matilda!); Dostoyevsky, Fyodor (Notes from Underground)
Eugenides, Jeffrey (The Virgin Suicides, Middlesex)
Frazier, Charles (Cold Mountain); Franzen, Jonathan (The Corrections); Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Guterson, David (Snow Falling on Cedars, Our Lady of the Forest); Gaiman, Neil
Harris, Joanne (Holy Fools, Chocolat); Haruf, Kent (Plainsong)
Irving Washington (not all his short stories sucked)
Jong, Erica (Fear of Flying)
Kingsolver, Barbara (The Poisonwood Bible)
L'Engle, Madeleine (A Wrinkle In Time, etc); Lamott, Anne
Monk Kidd, Sue (The Secret Life Of Bees)
Nafizi, Azar (Reading Lolita in Tehran); Nobokov, Vladimir
Oates, Joyce Carol (Beasts, We Were the Mulvaneys)
Peters, Elizabeth (Amelia Peabody mysteries...yes, I know...)
Quindlen, Anna (Black and Blue)
Robinson, Marilynne (Gilead); Roy, Arundhati (The God of Small Things); Roth, Philip
Seierstad, Asne (The Bookseller of Kabul, A Hundred and One Days); Salinger, J.D.
Tan, Amy (Joy Luck Club, Thousand Secret Senses, Bonesetter's Daughter, etc.)
Ursula LeGuin (The Lathe of Heaven)
Vonnegut, Kurt (Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions)
Wharton, Edith (Ethan Frome--I actually liked it); Woolf, Virginia
X (?)
Yamamoto, Banana (Asleep) Yes, that's her real name.
Z (?)

And I've just started--Goddess help me--reading books from Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series. Am I in fact becoming a hopeless dork? Isn't it preferable to immerse myself in reading rather than worry myself to death over being waitlisted at the medical school I really truly really want to go to (Hello, Washington University in St. Louis! I love you! I want to go to you so badly! I'll do anything you want...anything. *wink*)?

I went for a lovely 6-miler today down around the Plaza and Brush Creek...If I want to do the Hospital Hill run on June 7th (a half-marathon with one of the most demanding topographies of any road race in the country) I'm going to have to start getting with the program. I probably should have done a longer run today, but I had to get ready to go to a friend's housewarming/Final Four party (Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Woo-hoo, 88 to 64, in your FACE North Carolina! That game was the first nine minutes KU had UNC against the wall at 30-10. Yeah, Roy Williams, you bail out and see what happens?). I'm not usually a big party person, but this was actually pretty fun; yay social activity made easier by the application of alcohol! Yay Bud Light brand social lubricant! Ok, yeah, I'd rather have a Boulevard Beer Zon or an Ithaca Beer Apricot Wheat, maybe a New Belgium Brewing Co. Trippel. I'm a beer snob much more than I'm a wine snob (Thank you, Jamie and Dan Galindo--I hold you fully responsible for this. Zymurgists versus sybarites! Go on, look 'em up...the vocabulary will do you good.) But when you've got a touch of the ol' social anxiety, and there are a bunch of people roughly your age whom you don't know, and it seems like 75% percent of them know each other and have KIDS for Buddha's sake, as in they've actually put their ovaries into use unlike yours which are withering on the vine, and they own a house and talk about buying things like leather recliners and flat-screen TVs and it's obvious you're the only one in the room who isn't an Adult with a capital A, well...Bud Light is actually not bad beer. In fact, when it's right out of the keg and your team is winning and you're getting to see a friend you haven't talked to in a's damn good.

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