Sunday, April 13, 2008

Apparently I am a Google result for "lesbian banned nude photos" (thanks, whoever you are, using the Comcast network! Hope you eventually found some hot lesbo links).
Also, and somewhat more poignantly, for "How to make people love you." I hope you find someone to love you, person from Toronto.
Googling and Wikipeding (how do you conjugate that verb, anyway? Any cunning linguists in the house?) are indeed important life skills, but equally important is the ability to determine when you've gotten a bum steer and perhaps a website that references Audre Lorde and Gloria Steinem is not where you're gonna find the "lesbian banned nude photos." Though I do have some racy shots of a never-before-seen Bella Abzug/Betty Freidan/Bettie Page menage a trois. I show them to people, then make them pay me before I'll put them away.

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