Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Morning sickness my ass! That's what the doctor gave you that Mornidine crap for. So knock it back and get to crackin' my eggs and sizzlin' my sausage, woman." Ah, yes. Because you want to be able to serve the man in your life in every respect, even when you're already hauling around a 20-pound reminder of him everywhere you go. Yes, it's for morning sickness. I know you probably thought it was the mind control drug they were putting in the Metrecal (old-time SlimFast equivalent) during the 50s to get everyone properly Stepford-ified, but no.
Normally someone that happy to be cooking breakfast is either manic or at the beginning of a meth and coke binge, before the shakes and paranoia start. Either way, they'd be happy to be doing ANYTHING. Making Darren Stevens his breakfast isn't anything special.
Vintage drug ads are hi-effing-larious, not least because they're aimed at doctors and sometimes make visible the huge chasm between doctors' understanding of patient problems and, well, what the patients actually think.
Not that modern ads, aimed at consumers, aren't often hilarious too. Yes, Bob Dole, I'm talking to you. You too, Yaz women who spontaneously begin to discuss "the birth control method that's right for you" over cosmopolitans. Because I know that when I think girl talk, I think "hyperkalemia" and "deep vein thrombosis." That's all my pals and I have been able to talk about lately.
DrugMonkey has some fun thoughts about drug ads too. He's the bestest.
Even if he does bag on Hillary like she was a red-headed stepchild growing up in Okinawa.

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