Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I beat the clock this year--before Memorial Day even arrived, I already managed to have poison ivy. This is the price we pay for being simultaneously outdoorsy and sensitive, like that camp counselor with the scruffy beard that first summer you were a counselor, too--remember how he could rappel and rock climb all day and then play you a song he wrote on his guitar by the campfire in the evening? Sigh...
Damn you, urushiol (that's the name of the oil that produces the rash--did you know it can stay 'active' for up to 5 years? Even on hard surfaces or dead plants? Yes, Toxicodendron--that means you, poison oak, ivy and sumac--I understand you need to protect yourselves from being munched and/or molested. But isn't five years of lurking about a little much? Using something like that to protect yourselves is like finding out you have aphids in your garden and then going after everything in your entire backyard with a blowtorch). I haven't been wallowing in any vegetation lately--especially not up to my neck, which is where the rash showed up. Thus, I am currently blaming the dog for bringing in the oil on her fur.

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