Thursday, May 08, 2008

So I missed the boat on Sexual Assault and Rape Awareness Month (say that five times fast). It was April. My bad. I think it's great that there's a month and all, I just feel a little...put out that we NEED to have a month devoted to saying, "Oh, yeah, rape is a bad thing. Um, you shouldn't make people have sex with you if they don't want to. And if someone forces you to have sex, you should report them, 'cause that's *kind of* a felony." We don't have a "Don't Kill People" month (I nominate January, when everyone's kind of depressed after the holidays and has just spent a week solid at the in-laws' place). We don't have a "Don't steal things" month. Admittedly, the circumstances around "acquaintance rape" are a little harder to negotiate sometimes, but that just means you need to stop for a minute and think--ladies AND gentlemen *cue the song by Saliva.*
Just because I let you in my apartment doesn't mean I'm letting you in my pants.
Just because you paid for my drink doesn't mean you paid for a happy ending.
If you think I'm a bitch for saying no, keep pushing and see what a bitch I'll be at your trial.
If we both say yes, there's a lot of fun stuff we can do.
Sex is a lot better when it's, you know, a two-person thing.
An enthusiastic, willing partner is a lot sexier than the other kind.
I'm trying to make little teal ribbons to send out to friends etc. (Teal being, apparently, the universally accepted 'rape survivor' color) but I went into my box o' sewing notions and realized: damned if I could tell you periwinkle from teal from robins-egg blue. Periwinkle is apparently the eating disorders awareness color, so that might also be apropos (although ED awareness week is in March--interesting how that only gets a week, eh? I suppose it's better than just getting one day, like Micturation Syncope Day or something--and would mean I'm even further behind the times). Blargh.
Happy May! and for those of you who were wondering: Micturation syncope is when peeing makes you pass out. It's a real thing; google it. Fun, eh?


Kathryn said...

Because it's sort of related and because you are interested in WashU, are you *super* excited about them giving Phyllis Schlafly an honorary degree?

I think I might already know the answer.

Student Life's article was... great as usual.

"In face of protestors, Schlafly stands firm"

--Katie (too lazy to login as sortofgrownup)

Anne said...

Oh. Oh my no. Shout out to Phyllis--thanks for helping kill the ERA during the 70s. Lord knows we can't be going around handing out equal rights like candy. Everyone would want them. Oy.