Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Got a letter from Wash-U today asking for my medical history, and letting me know that I'll be drug tested during orientation. Just for PCP and THC, though, if I read the letter correctly (which I might not have, considering how high I was at the time--that's a joke, son! So high the walls were breathing). So basically they send out a note at the beginning of the summer saying, hey, kids, we know most of you are enjoying the end of senior year, and that last free-fall quasi-adolescent summer before all your friends split up and head out into the job market (where your insufferable frenemy will discover that a French Literature degree, even from an Ivy League school, will only get you a job at CopyMax when there's a recession on). But anyway, kids--still listening?--make sure you quit hitting the bong in enough time to pass your drug test. We don't want to see stems and seeds in anyone's urine sample. As for PCP, saints preserve us! Does anyone but bikers use PCP these days?

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