Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Damn, my throat's still sore. I'd rather not go out and buy chloraseptic or anything (lest you think it's because I'm a hairy-legged vegetarian hippie, well, yes, I am--but actually, I'm also incurably and utterly cheap. Call myself po' cause I don't want to spring for the "o-r" at the end to be poor). So...home remedies it is.
Some home remedies are so simple and obvious, they're not even really what I would class as treatments...drink something warm. You'll rehydrate those oral membranes, plus it just feels going going down. Eat some ice cream--it'll numb things a little. Gargle with salt water. Sure. Same principle as the hot tea, but without the swallowing, and the saline solution can clear away gunk that might have built up. A bourbon or whiskey gargle--hmm. That could numb things up, I suppose. Or it could be another one of those "remedies" your Uncle Carl came up with in those last six months before the family held his surprise birthday party/intervention. The nurse at school gave you an ice pack for everything from pregnancy (at least at my school) to a splinter--Uncle Carl was the same way, but with booze. Even for morning sickness, which was probably why cousin Vern turned out the way he did. Sweet as the day is long, that boy, but dim as a 40-watt bulb.
Ibuprofen--not a home remedy so much, but any NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) will help with swelling and inflammation as well as relieving pain. The Medrol dose-pack I'm on is helping a little, but then I haven't even been on it 24 hours yet. God I wish it weren't 90 degrees out. It's be a little easier to follow that "drink something hot" advice if I didn't already feel like I were about to spontaneously combust.

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