Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lately it's been to hot to do anything. Too hot to cook, too hot to loiter on the stoop (one of my favorite activities), too hot even...dare I say it? To blog. Take a face-value temperature of 99 and add to it that delightful July-in-Missouri (now do you see why people call it "Misery?") humidity. Heat indexes over the century mark for days. As my friend Andie would say--Such mishigas. Oy veh.

The high today was 88 and it felt NICE. Cool and refreshing. I got out and did a little running and biking (though I've been more careful with the biking after what I did yesterday--took a turn too fast and wiped the hell out. I am now sans most of the skin on my right knee and on a small portion of my left hand--yes, I caught myself at a weird angle--but aside from that and a fat bruise on my right thigh, I'm good. I'm actually curious to see how the bruise works out...it's just starting to purple up; it was red yesterday. I'm hoping for a full spectrum of color by the time all's said and done).

Anyway, when it's this hot, the air quality frequently also sucks...though there have been fewer "red alert" days this year, probably due to people driving less (strike up the Hallelujah Chorus!). Anyhow, shitty air quality means my allergies (and especially asthma) are worse, because all the particulates and nastiness just sit near the ground and cook into a funky miasma that makes my little alveoli scream for mercy. I have found an interesting website, however: http://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.showlocal&CityID=113 That's the KC site; you can look up your own locale if you wish.

Another kind-of sad, kind-of happy, but thoroughly unenvironmental note: My friend R is getting an NG tube put in today, on account of this bullshit entity called ED. If you're reading this, R, know I love you and I've got a candle burning for you in my room. Everyone else, hop to: send a thought, a prayer, a mantra, whatever to the deity of your choice or to the universe at large. Another woman who has NOT gotten what she needs and ISN'T getting the care she deserves. And after you're done talking to Jesus/Buddha/HaShem/Allah, shoot off an email to your congressperson and tell them to sign the freaking Mental Health Parity Act of 2007; you can learn more about it here. The House version alters previous language (from the 1996 Act) to ensure that eating disorders treatment is covered (insurance likes to send people with eating disorders back-and-forth, saying, "This is a mental health issue, so we're not going to cover it on the medical side," and then "This is a medical issue, we're not going to cover it on the mental health side," or just saying, "Shut up and eat a bagel, you're not sick." I haven't been doing so hot with the ol' ED of late either. Losing weight again. Enough that the doctor has said something about the hospital. If my insurance would just pay for ONE FUCKING STAY at a residential place...but I guess cancer patients get the shaft too, sometimes, so even with parity...who knows.

You can look up your Representatives here. Your Senators (ooo, now we're talkin' power) are here. Give 'em hell.

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Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Good for you, Anne. I'm really involved in advocacy with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and just sent a letter this AM to our senators regarding the Postpartum depression bill going up for vote this week.

I was in StL yesterday at the MUNY and thought about you being in the city there soon. I'm halfway between. I do hope we can get together some.

Be good to yourself.