Sunday, July 20, 2008

So I found an apartment in St. Louis--close to school, close to Forest Park (and thus to the Zoo, art museum, etc.) and close to a whole lot of cool little bars and boutiques and stuff--which of course, I won't have a lot of time to see anyway. How very adult am I!
The neighborhood is really walkable/bikeable, too, which is a plus--I'm not planning to use the car very much if I don't have to. More eco-friendly, but also more pocket-friendly, as I don't anticipate having much more free cash than free time.

Onto other things--I recently saw a promotion for a TV show called Hurl, in which--I shit you not--the participants eat as much mac & cheese, cheesecake, or whatever the food of the day is as they can, then get on a bevy of carnival rides. Last one to regurgitate the goods wins the coveted "Iron Stomach" award (and, I would imagine, a year's worth of antacids or something similar. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see that Tum's is a major advertiser). It's nice to see that America's eating-disorder culture is finally totally honest with itself.

Personally, I've always thought (and I'm being totally serious here) that you'd just have to get a binge-ready bulimic into a competitive eating contest and you might as well have it rigged. I've never been a binger myself--I've historically been on the anorexic/restrictive/exercise addiction end of things--but from stories I've heard in the hospital I know that a bulimic woman who's five foot nothing can put away loaves of bread, gallons of ice cream, pizzas (yes, plural), boxes of cereal, boxes of do you like America now, skinny little Japanese Nathan's hot-dog-eating-contest superstar? If we were serious about reclaiming that competition, we'd be scouting college cheerleading teams and sororities. Though I think there may be a rule about how long the food has to stay down, so perhaps we should be looking at the compulsive eaters instead...again, this is not a joke. This is freaking strategy.


sej_50 said...

funny thing. i think that exact same thing every time i see those competitions. i could kick some japanese ass!

Anonymous said...

If you've never been to Forest Park or the Loop, both are awesome. And remember...the zoo is free! (and beautiful)