Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stethoscope, Littman Cardiology III: $180.
Diagnostic Set from Welch-Allyn: $599.
Babinski reflex hammer: $30.
Tuning Fork: $25

Very shortly being in a position to practice using them: Priceless.
So it finally feels really...real. I'm still afraid sometimes that I'm going to wake up and someone's going to say, "Yeah, you didn't get in anywhere. It was all a dream, just like in all those godawful children's Christmas specials. Except you didn't learn a valuable lesson about the "Real Meaning" (tm) of Christmas--you just learned that there are in fact circumstances that can incite even more bitterness and self-loathing than an outright rejection letter."

As my friend J would say, "Girl, get a grip on yourself!" Yay obligatory effeminate/saucily encouraging gay friend!

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