Saturday, August 30, 2008

So I've simultaneously been really tired and having trouble sleeping. A weird combo that I'm putting down
1) to the stress inherent in putting any animal (including myself) into a 'novel environment'--rats show increased levels of stress hormones when put into new environments, even if the environment is 'better' in terms of having more toys, food etc. Same here--medical school is 'better' in some senses than other environments, but still novel;
2) Healing from last weekend, and (occasionally) taking the associated painkillers--brief bump for Tramadol, or Ultram, by the way--all the pain relief with much lower addiction potential than 'typical' opioids! Yay!
3) The fact that my eating and exercise haven't been under the super-best control, and when you're running a lot and not eating much, that tends to run down your batteries.

So I really don't want to depend on my zolpidem or lorazepam (that's Ambien and Ativan to you); I bought a tea called 'tea of tranquility' while I was in Kansas City and tried it for the first time tonight, and while it remains to be seen whether it will help me drift off, there is one thing that is not open for debate: stuff tastes like ass.
There's valerian and skullcap and passionflower in it, which makes me a little nervous (I take herbs seriously as pharmacologic agents, and I'm not sure how those particular sedating herbs might interact with some of the other gemischte things I'm on), but that's not what makes it taste disgusting. The culprit there is the inclusion of thyme, sage, lavender and rosemary. Maybe nice for stuffing, but stuffing is not tea, and if I wanted stuffing-flavored tea, I would buy some. I actually don't like sage and thyme even in stuffing; rosemary and lavender I'm OK with, especially in experimental little culinary delights. Viz: everyone knows about rosemary and olive oil focaccia, or at least they should; I've made it once or twice, and it's especially nice if you add some sun-dried tomatoes and a sprinkling of asiago. As for lavender, I once made a lavender shortbread that was actually quite nice. I'll have to post the recipe sometime, but basically you make a shortbread (with a little extra sugar) and add either some dried lavender buds, lavender essential oil, or both, to the batter. Very classy and nouvelle cuisine. Unlike this tea, which I am actually going to pour down the drain right now.

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