Saturday, September 27, 2008

I didn't watch the debates last night. I should have, wonk that I am, but I was studying anatomy and furthermore I figure I'll catch the VP debates in the penthouse of the med school dorms (much more fun, considering the first one is being held here. We can have a drinking game:

every time Sarah Palin mentions her small-town roots, take a shot.
every time Iraq is mentioned (and Afghanistan--you know, that other war we're fighting?--is forgotten) take a shot.
every time Joe Biden gives that oily smile, take a shot (you know the man's spent some serious time and coinage in the tooth-whitening chair--I think he may even have taken the exit to Veneersville).
every time someone interrupts--wait, no, if we did that, everyone would have to be rushed to the ER with alcohol poisoning.
every time someone dodges responsibility--oh, wait, same thing.)

Anyway, I don't even really read mainstream US coverage of the race anymore; it's depressing and it pisses me off (I'm talking to you, Newsweek and Time. New York Times, you're not on my sh*t list at the moment, but watch it). I got my first look at the response to the debate this morning at, which will work for you if you read German (that degree's coming in handy!), or there's always the BBC.

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