Friday, November 07, 2008

In what may or may not become a regular feature, this is what I had for dinner last night...feeding yourself as a medical student (not to mention one with an ED) is difficult. I base most of my food decisions on 3 criteria--and I realize I am more discerning than many have the luxury of being. But here it is: fast, cheap, and healthy. So without further ado, Anne's Healthy Eating for Medical Students (and other folk with little money and even less free time) Recipe 1.

Huevos Rancheros Wraps--great for any meal!
Take a corn tortilla or two (not made with lard--check the package).
Sprinkle it with a little low-fat cheese and microwave the sucker.
While it's in the micro, scramble yourself some EggBeaters, or whole eggs if you're not worried about your cholesterol (and eggs, in moderation, don't really spike your don't fret, chitlins!)
Pull the tortilla out, pile the scrambled eggs on there, and top with salsa.
Roll and eat.
Roll your eyes in orgasmic delight and know you've gotten some lean protein and some fiber to fuel your insane-ane-ane lifestyle.
Go study.

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