Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gay gay gay. Gaydee gay gay.

The Matthew Shepard Act (see this) is up for a vote this week in Congress. So if you've read my stuff for a while, and think that someone who bashes my head in for being a lesbo (or for thinking that I'm a dude dressed like a lady, something I'll get into a little later) should be charged with a hate crime, and pursued by the federal government even if the local law enforcement lets it slide...then by all means contact your Congresspeople. "Dr." James Dobson has been calling it the Pedophile Protection Act, and if it's got his panties in a wad you know it has to be good...this from the man who recommends, essentially, 'beating the will' out of your child. Like I said, quality stuff (did I mention my parents owned all his books?). I apply the word 'hate' very, very sparingly--things may piss me off, or cause me to take umbrage, but the 'hate' bar is set pretty high. "Dr." Dobson clears it with a flying leap. I hate him. Almost as much as I love Helen Mirren (see previous post).

The Episcopal Church (of which I am a member...damn, I hope that was grammatically correct) has just passed DO25 at its General Convention, meaning that the moratorium on consecration of same-sex loving folk to ministry (priesthood, the deaconate, the episcopate) is over. So even gay folks can serve Jeebus (he doesn't mind that I call him that. I asked). If you're a church nerd, you can read the text of the proposal here. )

And last but not least, I dug up an old Atlantic article about queer folk in Saudi Arabia that I remember reading with a great deal of interest in's only from 2005. Read it here, and decide for yourself if you want to make Riyadh your next vacation destination. They could stone you...but then again, you could also get super-laid.

Only 15 days late for Pride, or Queer Awareness, or whatever June is nowadays,

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