Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet suffering Jesus, I can tell you I'm not going to be an ENT specialist (ear nose and throat--though it sounds much less impressive than 'otolaryngology,' which is the official title of one of our courses this block, and which I remember learning to spell when I went to the state spelling bee in middle school. Yes, I was as impossibly dorky then as I am now).
Granted, a lot of ENTs spend time doing hearing tests, prescribing antibiotics for refractory sinus infections, and cleaning the cerumen (fifty-dollar word for earwax) out of people's auditory canals.
But they also deal with things that are...I can't really put it any other way...disgrossting.
Para ejemplo, in our first lecture we saw a case of sinusitis complicated by orbital infection (imagine your eye socket getting filled with pus) and a trauma case in which a motorcyclist had his face ripped off and crushed in. Which was exactly as stomach-churning as it sounds. And which was a joy to look at half an hour after lunch.

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